10 products that will help you meet your fitness goals this year

‘This is my year!’ we’ve all said it hungover on New Year’s Day but a week in and most of us are flagging. With busy, hectic lives with so much to do it’s no wonder that our health and fitness goals sometimes get kicked to the sidelines. But they don’t have to – we’ve rounded up 10 products to keep you on the right track and help you nail being fit and healthy this year.

10Stay on track and get that hydration in

Fitness goals

It’s recommended that we all drink at least two litres of water a day but it can be hard to keep on track of water intake particularly when you’re hard at work or on the go. Two litres might sound a lot but it’s not as much as you might think. Buying a 2.2 litre bottle that you fill up the moment you get up is the perfect solution to staying on track with your hydration. Simply fill in the morning and drink it all by the time you go to bed – although we do recommend sipping throughout the day and not downing it all an hour before bed!

The Hydrate 2.2 litre water bottle is one of our favourites because of its sturdy build, easy to use drinking cap and a reliable silicon seal. The strong nylon carrying strap is a great touch too.

£21.99 Hydrate

9Keep on top of your activity and get those steps in!

Fitness goals

Wearable tech has become hugely popular in recent years but it can also be a priceless tool in helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Track steps, workouts, how many calories your burning, your sleep and even your menstrual cycle with our pick of fitness trackers – the Fitbit Charge 3. It can track any workout and thanks to being waterproof you can even go swimming with it on! Keep an eye on your heart rate and watch your fitness levels rise – a sure fire way to keep you inspired and keep you moving!

£129.99 Fitbit

8Swing your way to fitness

Fitness goals

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile piece of fitness equipment there is and even better? They’re small enough to keep at home and affordable! There’s a multitude of different exercises you can do with a kettlebell – from the traditional full American swing…

…right through to Turkish Get Ups…

…and accessory work…

…that will help to keep your muscles and joints in great shape. With a range of weights and and the option to buy individually or the full set, these Body Revolution kettebells are great.

£10.99 – £49.99 Body Revolution

7Under Armour Leggings – feel confident, look trendy

Fitness goals

Want to get to the gym but can’t get motivated? Take it from us – buying new gym wear is the answer – especially when it looks good! Treat yourself to a new pair of leggings that will have you feeling confident and looking trendy even when you’re red faced and sweaty! We love these Under Armour leggings – they’re not only full length making them nice and warm – they’re also squat proof and feel great!

£50 Wiggle

6The cookbook that’ll help you feed 4 for under a tenner!

Fitness goals

‘Eating healthy is so expensive’
‘It’s expensive when you have a family to feed’
‘Chicken nuggets are cheaper’

We’ve all heard these excuses numerous times but eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s possible to make some incredible healthy and nutritious meals on a budget. Ben Lebus’ book is perfect for families who want to eat healthier. MOB Kitchen is filled with scrumptious, easy to make recipes that will feed four people for under £10 – that’s a bargain if ever there was one! Oh, and better yet – there’s not a boring recipe to be found! If you buy one cookbook this year… make it this one!

£15.99 Waterstones

5Get your meal prep game on point

Fitness goals

One of the best tips we can give you for staying fit and healthy? Meal prep! Planning and cooking your meals in advance might seem like a hassle at the time but when you’re rushing around on a Tuesday morning you’ll be glad you planned ahead. Preparation is key and even more important? Some new Tupperware because we guarantee you’ll want to use it! Our pick are these containers from PrepBox which are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. For just £11.99 you get a pack of 10!

£11.99 PrepBox

4How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Fitness goals

This one changed our lives! Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. However, cooking eggs can take a while… unless you have a rapid egg cooker! Able to make boiled eggs (hard, medium or soft), poached eggs, scrambled eggs or even an omelette, rapid egg makers have your egg makers done in record time and don’t require you standing over them – they’ll buzz when they’re done! So, start the day right with a proper breakfast and if you buy one thing? Buy this rapid egg maker – you won’t regret it!

£16.99 Lakeland

3Reebok Nano – the ultimate all-round gym shoe

Fitness goals

New shoes cure the blues… so why not treat yourself to some new gym trainers to get you in the mood for working out! Loved by Cross fitters, the Reebok Nano is a great all round gym shoe perfect for those of you looking to introduce a mix of cardio and weights into your routine. Lightweight and durable, the Reebok Nano comes in a variety of colours and is available for both men and women. We particularly love the Nano 8…

£99.95 Wiggle

2Get into position

Fitness goals

Decided to get into yoga or pilates? Then you’ll be needing a nice new mat! Yoga is a complete, total body workout that not only burns calories and tones your muscles but also gives your mind a workout too. However, to protect your knees and joints, a yoga mat is essential. We love this one which also has a carry handle – perfect for on the go!

£14.99 Core Balance

1Protein on the go

Fitness goals

Sometimes it can be hard to fit your protein in or eat a full meal and many of us might be tempted to reach for a protein bar. However, many protein bars aren’t as healthy as they seem and are packed full of sugar. We recommend the PhD Smart Bars which are low in sugar and best of all – the most delicious protein bars we’ve ever tasted! So instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, reach for a smart bar and hit those goals! We particularly love the cookies and cream, dark chocolate and raspberry and white chocolate blondie flavours! If you’re committed you can subscribe and save up to 15%!

£17 Amazon


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