Finding Inspiration as an On-The-Road Musician: Helpful Suggestions to Beat Creative Obstacles

by Northern Life

It would be something of an understatement if we were to say that as individuals, we face a myriad of obstacles in our everyday lives. From those that are minor to those more significant, each obstacle differs from the next. Finding solutions to overcome these obstacles can be challenging, and there are no doubt knocks to confidence levels along the way.

While that is very well the case in all walks of life, some actions can be taken to overcome various obstacles, both on an individual basis and with the support and guidance of others. Musicians and other creatives face many challenges, both physical and those relating to their lines of work.

Inspiration can be challenging to come across at the best of times. Add into the equation the stresses associated with everyday life, and it can appear all the more challenging when trying to get inspired to create more of your work. Musicians often hit a bit of a writing block when reinventing themselves and when creating new music.

On-the-road musicians might find themselves struggling to find inspiration, as they are consistently on the go and never seem to have a moment to themselves. In this position and exploring ways that you can beat creative obstacles? Read on for just that.

Take Time For Yourself

Caring for our mental wellbeing has never been more critical. With mental health in the spotlight in recent months, there have been questions posed about the impact of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns on our mental health. At the same time, questions have formed as to what we can do to prioritise our mental health and ensure we are looking after our mental wellbeing just as much as our physical.

Stressing about creative blocks could further affect your mental wellbeing. Taking time away from your writing, even for a short while, will make a world of difference. Use the experience you are going through as a means of inspiration when you feel ready to put pen to paper once more. It has been a challenging eighteen months for us all; don’t beat yourself up for needing some time to yourself, mainly if you have been on the go the entire time!

Opting to go for a retreat away from technology could be one way of switching off and putting your mental well-being first. Retreats offer the opportunity to dial things back and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. This takes us to the following section.

Writing Retreat

While this might not be the first port of call for some reading this, it is an option when experiencing writer’s block. Many recording studios offer budding and established musicians the chance to book writing rooms. At the same time, they can be used for reasons beyond that of experiencing creative obstacles, even just for a change of scenery when creating your long-awaited EP!

Pirate and other reputable organisations offer creatives such as yourself the opportunity to book from one of these writing studios. Whether you wish to book yourself in for a day session or would prefer to spend a week in your own company away from others, the choice is entirely up to you. Expect to find state-of-the-art equipment in studios like these and leave feeling refreshed and inspired.

Changing your creative environment can do you a world of good, particularly if you have been creating your music from your bedroom throughout the pandemic. Separating the creative process from your relaxation spaces will make a lot of difference, both in the immediate future and moving forward.

Establish a Theme

Knowing what angle you want to go with when creating anything is crucial. Having something to base your entire project on will inspire you to meet creative obstacles big and small. That being said, this does not mean that you are entirely restricted when creating a theme for your project. Being flexible in your approach, and going where the music takes you, will be sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Having a focal point for your work will minimise the amount of time spent debating whether you want to progress with an idea or not. Time will instead be spent figuring out if your idea fits with the overall project theme. If it doesn’t? Simple, it gets thrown out. Sticking to your theme throughout the project will give you insight and allow you to ground yourself when faced with an obstacle.

Work With Others

We recognise that many musicians may not be on board with the idea of working with other people. That is not to say that you cannot collaborate with other musicians who are in your position to assist with overcoming any creative obstacles you are experiencing.

Bouncing ideas off each other and experimenting with different styles and sounds will no doubt inspire you. Nothing beats a good old jamming session with like-minded people! Refrain from putting any pressure on yourself in these situations, and as mentioned before, go where the music takes you.

By not focusing your mind on the obstacle itself, you are encouraging a whole host of creative thoughts to form. Immersing yourself in your music and overall project is a practical and innovative way of overcoming any obstacles and can be a proactive way of creating your music. You never know; you might find your new sound or genre through this experimentation. The world is your oyster.

What’s more, you can work with other people whilst on the road, or while in one place. Finding budding musicians is an easy task; migrate to where they hang out! Establishing relationships with these people will be beneficial in both the short and long term and could even open up many opportunities for you moving forward.

We hope you have found this piece insightful, inspiring, and that you have gained a better idea of what to try when faced with creative obstacles. No matter what genre of music you migrate toward or where you are in your career, barriers hit us all. Taking your time to get over them and learn whether you can avoid them in future will work wonders — that we can be sure of.