Fates Meeting

Fate’s Meeting | Poetry

by Northern Life

Jim Atherton, Darwen

I recall the times you used to ease
In days long ago and far away
Your blonde tresses floating in the breeze
It’s strange how blonde hair turns to grey

And yet the smile I knew back then
Still lingers on your lips
The memories flood back again
Slim ankles, waist, and hips.

Then came the parting of the ways
Sweet farewell and no harm done
Then lonely nights and empty days
Just one kiss, and then you’re gone.

Many decades since have passed
Water ‘neath life’s bridges flown
It seems our love was meant to last
One’s first love still lingers on.

Now at the closing of life’s day
Love’s sweet song, the last refrain
Fate meant us to meet this way
On the inter-city train.

Where you’re bound I won’t enquire
‘tis better that I shouldn’t know
I must not re-light the fire
That burned so brightly long ago.

Fate is such a cruel thing
Or was this meeting meant to be
But ‘tis winter now, we’ve passed the spring
We are shackled and no longer free.