readers poetry

Evening in Autumn

by Lucia Kenney

The old man sits by the crackling fire
a melancholy air fills the room,
the wind increases its strength
as twilight battles with darkness.

Outside he hears a movement
a deer forages for food
it nibbles the decaying foliage,
he feels privileged in its presence.

Soon it will hide in the forest,
and nestle down on a yellow bed of leaves
not venturing far in the colder season
which waits nearby.

Crisp leaves fall like golden snowflakes,
the clock on the mantelpiece strikes four,
children have returned indoors
yet, evening has not come.

Just a breath away summer has passed,
and winter shivers in the wing,
in a short while, the golden colours will fade
and frosted leaves will cover the ground.

The old man sighs and draws on his pipe,
these changes he has seen many times,
he knows that autumn is a gentle reminder
of a colder season yet to come.