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Essere Therapies is an independent therapeutic service providing therapy to all ages, founded by Catherine Croll (BAPT trained and experienced Play Therapist) and Helen Lewin (BACP Accredited Therapist).

Essere is an Italian word meaning ‘To be’. We wanted to choose a name for our business that conveyed the inclusiveness of the service we want to offer. We have a team of therapists who believe that by providing an atmosphere of acceptance and curiosity, along with our desire to explore alongside another, we can offer a therapeutic experience that supports movement towards a more peaceful and positive state of bring.

Our beliefs, training and experience enable us to accompany and support you through difficult times.

Our core belief is that when offered a protected time, place and trusted relationships, people can express what is going on in their inner and outer worlds and be supported to work on enabling positive change to occur in their lives.

Our approach is to tailor therapeutic support packages for each individual or family we work with, as everyone is unique. Our beliefs, training and experience enable us to accompany and support schools, adults, young people, children and families through difficult times and to achieve a sense that they are thriving rather than struggling and just surviving.

Services for Adults

We have an experienced team of Therapists who are able to help you…
…however we know that it can feel overwhelming making the call or knowing which type of therapy you may need.

We want to make the process into therapy as easy as possible, so we offer a free initial, conversations either via messaging, zoom or phone whichever you feel more comfortable. We will answer any of your questions and talk you through the different types of counselling/ therapy we offer.


We also offer therapy to Teens

The teenage years are a tough time for many and we know that the pressures of school, peers and the online world, can be experienced as overwhelming

We have worked with many adolescents suffering from anxiety; manifesting in difficulties with food and eating, feelings of uncontainable rage, feeling unable to go to school, self-harming and experiencing suicidal thoughts.

It is, of course, important for parents to feel that their teen is in ‘good hands’ and we aim to establish this confidence in our initial meetings with families. Going forward though, our experience is that teens need to know that their time in therapy is confidential and therefore a protected space where they can express themselves without fear of scaring, offending or upsetting others.

Within our team of therapists, we have the capacity to offer a therapist to the teen and another therapist to support parents/carers at the same time if needed. This means that the counselling relationship can be trusted by the young person and the adults can have a space to reflect on how best to support the individual in therapy (and look after themselves) when this is needed.


Sometimes adults (parents, carers, teachers, social workers) find themselves in the position of having tried everything that they can think of to help a child to make positive change and yet progress doesn’t seem to be being made. This is a tough place to be….

It might be that a child is displaying a lot of sadness, is withdrawn or self-harming; or that they are having explosive outbursts which are making life really difficult for the child or young person and those around them; or that they seem scared all the time, unable to enjoy things and not wanting to go to school; or that they just can’t seem to get on with other children.

We have worked with children who were presenting in all of these different ways pre-therapy, also those who have experienced significant losses e.g. refugee and asylum seeking children, fostered and adopted children, and those who have experienced bereavements. We have experience working with children who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender too.

Therapy provides a time and space where a child can work things out in the company of an adult who has no agenda other than spending time with them, supporting them in however they choose to engage in the room. 

We also offer training and support to schools and nurseries if you are interested in any of our services get in touch for a free initial chat on: 07434391959.



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