Entertainment in Hotels: What your guests are looking for


There is now a semblance of normalcy after the numerous lockdowns and travel bans all over the world. The hospitality industry took a hard knock over the last year and a half, and as restrictions are easing, it’s time to pump up the hype to invite guests to stay at your establishment.

While we still err on the side of caution, getting as many people to visit your hotel has become crucial to recover from the financial blow. One way we are sure will attract guests is what you have on your entertainment menu. Research showed us that hotels that entertain are more likely to observe an increase in guests, and hence, more revenue.

The hospitality industry is centred around relationships with guests, so taking time to find out what they like will serve your hotel well in the long run. Guests now want more than luxurious accommodation or grand buffets; they want an experience and a personalised one at that. Most are looking for a homely feel,  so it’s standard that your rooms should at least have TVs with access to movie and sports channels – regular entertainment.

Your Wi-Fi should allow guests to log onto their favourite gaming and gambling sites, especially if they love participating in online betting. If you don’t have a casino, this is the opportunity to create a games centre. This will draw your pensioner crowd, which happens to have the most disposable income when it comes to lavish lifestyle spending in the UK.

A physical community is also something that hotels should attempt to give. There’s a lot to be argued about bringing people together in our culture that increasingly relies on device-based engagement. By building an entertainment hub in your hotel, you can attract guests who want to have the same experience – and provide them one that they can then post on social media!

What more can you do to attract guests from all walks of life?


Hotels can create an entertainment centre for their guests in a variety of ways. As a hotel owner, you will earn more money and continue to compete in what has become a brutally competitive sector if you make your hotel an appealing place to spend time.

Be creative.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown! The more you go out of the box, the greater the reward is likely to be. Guests may love to see extravagant, avant-garde costumes and performances. A specific theme isn’t always required; a simple colour scheme or broad concept might sometimes suffice, allowing the imagination to run wild, play, and enjoy!

For the kids, Disney characters are always a big attraction. Parents with children may choose your hotel because their kids will be served and entertained by Cinderella and Snow White and all the other princesses.

Become a cultural destination.

With so many people travelling nowadays, cultural immersion is the driving force behind their travel plans. Place your hotel in the context of its surroundings, and it will become more than just a place to stay; it will become a destination in its own right.

Cultural entertainment comes in a variety of forms. Consider creating a pop-up gallery in one of the corridors of one of your hotel floors. Showcase artists who were born or raised in the neighbourhood. You will benefit from tapping into the local community and hosting events that match local knowledge and flavour. Guests typically leap at the chance to learn a little more about the area they are visiting.

Use your space.

If you have unused space around the hotel, why not create an outdoor theatre or dance floor for nights where an in-house DJ plays? Moreso, if you have local musicians or traditional dancers that you can invite for live music nights, why not indulge them? For smaller outdoor areas, comedy nights or special book readings will work just as well.  Consider your clientele and choose what will suit them best.

Travellers always enjoy taking part in cultural activities that enrich their holiday experiences. It’s also an excellent way to lure locals into spending some time at your establishment.

Stage special shows.

If you can create a calendar of events that your guests can follow on your website, you are in for a good comeback. Create an event or 2 for every calendar month to make sure your guests have something to look forward to all the time. If space allows for ballet evenings or an outdoor cinema – do it. You can even host music festivals and invite international artists. For example, July is the peak season for paying tribute to Motown and Soul, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, Reggae and Ska, the 60s, 70s and 80s legends. Celebrate these genres and let your guests relive their hey-days. The important thing is to make sure your hotel is a part of what’s happening in the community.

Make holidays extra special.

The tourism business makes a lot of money during major holidays like Independence Day, Christmas, and New Year’s. During the holiday seasons, a little additional effort goes a long way. If you can afford to, hire a firm that can provide entertainment tailored to each occasion, making your visitors’ holiday trips that much more spectacular!

You definitely know how Santa Clause pulls in crowds at malls during Christmas – make your hotel the North Pole – let guests coming in for meals only also enjoy the entertainment as much as those who are staying there overnight.  Let the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy join in the fun too.

Be a formidable competitor in the tourism sector by putting your best foot forward. Exciting, innovative, and rich entertainment enhances your hotel’s user experience, so why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward and provide the best hotel entertainment your customers have ever seen?

Your hotel will benefit from high-quality, plentiful entertainment offerings no matter where it is located in the world. Remember not to scrimp on it – what you choose will create lasting memories at your hotel, so you must pay for high-quality entertainment.