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Eggs and Bacon with Oatcakes

by Donald Jay shares his memories of a rather special northern breakfast

Donald Jay

Way back in the good old days in Craven, Yorkshire, they used to serve eggs and bacon and other meals like this with oatcakes, no chips or other potato combinations.

Once upon a time, in the rolling hills of Lancashire and Yorkshire, there lived a family that loved nothing more than a hearty breakfast. They would rise before the sun every morning and gather around the kitchen table, eager to start their day with a delicious meal. In those days, breakfast was a simple affair. Eggs and bacon were staples on the menu, but the family would always serve their meals with oatcakes instead of the familiar accompaniment of chips or hashbrowns.

These oatcakes were a local speciality, made from a mixture of oats, flour, and water. They were cooked on a griddle until crispy and golden and served hot with a generous slab of butter. At first, the family’s guests were a little puzzled by the oatcakes. They had never seen anything like them before, and they were used to having their breakfast with potatoes or bread. But once they took their first bite, they were hooked. The oatcakes had a unique texture and flavour that perfectly complemented the eggs and bacon. They were light and crispy, with just the right amount of chewiness, and the nutty flavour of the oats added a delicious depth to the meal. Soon, the family’s reputation for their delicious breakfasts began to spread throughout the village. People came from far and wide to sample their eggs and bacon with oatcakes, and before long, the family had opened a small cafe to cater to their growing clientele.

The cafe became a beloved institution in the village, a place where people could gather for a hearty breakfast and a friendly chat. And although the world around them changed, the family continued to serve their meals with oatcakes, steadfastly holding on to their traditional ways.

Today, the family’s cafe is still going strong, and people still come from far and wide to sample their famous eggs and bacon with oatcakes. And although the world may have moved on, the simple pleasures of a good breakfast never go out of style.

NorthernLife Sep/Oct 23