Easy Ways To Clean And Purify Your Indoor Air

how to clean and purify air

The UK has an indoor air pollution problem, and a study has found that the indoor air quality inside the average home is three times worse than the air outdoors. Researchers said that having poor air quality can be attributed to domestic activities, such as cooking on wood burning stoves and burning wood in fireplaces. There is medical evidence that proves that constant exposure to toxins in the air, as well as inhaling particulate matter, can have a negative impact on a person’s wellbeing. Since poor air quality can affect your physical and mental health, homeowners should find ways to keep their indoor air clean and toxin-free. Here are some easy ways to clean and purify your indoor air.

Ventilate your home

Indoor air is made up of everyday contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, and dead skin cells. It also contains more harmful microparticles, such as fungi, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, mould and viruses, and all of these can make their way inside the human body. Studies show that indoor air pollutants can lead to a wide range of health issues, such as respiratory illnesses, allergies, eye infections, and even cancer. Reducing the amount of pollutants in your home can improve your indoor air quality, and one way to do so is to ventilate your home. Open your doors and windows whenever you can to let stale air out and fresh air in, and use ceiling or stand fans to keep the air circulating throughout your house. Consider installing exhaust fans in high humidity areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, to remove moisture and prevent mould growth. 

Clean with non-toxic materials

Most of the household cleaners available on the market contain VOCs and chemicals that can trigger asthma and allergies. Moreover, these chemicals can affect your indoor air quality, so as much as possible, opt to clean with green household cleaning products. You can also whip up an antibacterial all-purpose cleaning solution by mixing a cup of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and eight to 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. Place the solution in a spray bottle, and use it to clean counter tops, floors, or any other surface that needs to be disinfected.

Decorate with indoor plants

Having live plants inside your home not only increases the amount of oxygen in your house, but it also helps remove harmful pollutants in the air. Choose houseplants that have air purifying properties, such as peace lily, which is known to be effective in filtering out VOCs in the air. Meanwhile, spider plants can reduce dust and ash inside the home, so they’re best placed in the kitchen, living room, or beside the fireplace. A dragon tree can also help to clean your indoor air, as this type of plant can reduce humidity, so place it in damp areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. 

Keeping your indoor air clean and pure can benefit your family’s health and wellbeing. Try these tips to purify your indoor air and create a healthy home environment for your loved ones.