Donna Craddock from ClickClickBang

IN PICTURES: We meet Donna Craddock of ClickClickBang Photography

by Julian Jordan

Meeting Donna Craddock of ClickClickBang Photography is to encounter a force of nature . She is infectiously enthusiastic about her work and sees herself as “capturing moments” often talking about collaborations, rather than taking full credit for her work, as she acknowledges the contributions of her wonderful array of models.

The 40-year-old was born in Manchester, but family relocation saw her grow up in the Burnley area. She now lives in the nearby, scenic village of Trawden, nestling at the foot of Boulsworth Hill.

Having worked in a bank, then as a mortgage adviser, her early artistic endeavours focussed on classical guitar and had seen her study for a BTEC in music. Donna became a mum aged 22 and that coincided with the pre-smart phone popularity of digital cameras – and as she can’t draw, she felt that this new medium was a way to “capture” her daughter – she got hooked and had found a new artistic outlet and says, “the immediacy of photography drew me in.”