Do you know an over confident DIYer? We’d love to see your DIY disasters

DIY disasters featured

We’re all familiar with the home handyman’s mantra “measure twice, cut once”. But just how often does this sound advice fall on deaf ears? And what happens when you can’t find the tape measure? We’ve all been there, you need a flat headed screwdriver but all you have to hand is a hammer, and boom… DIY disaster!

Is this ringing true? You’re not alone. In the UK, Brits spend £169 million a year rectifying their DIY disasters!

Have you or anyone you know suffered a DIY disaster? Or maybe you’re the culprit. Either way we’d love to see your failed efforts; not because we want to poke fun (ok, maybe a bit!), but if we gather enough of your failed efforts together, our editor might let us put your DIY disasters in Northern Life magazine.

Send your DIY disasters to, share them with us on Facebook or Tweet us @northernlifemag.

Here are some of our favourite DIY disasters

1I think I’ll just knock

DIY disasters

2Sometimes it’s best to call in a pro

DIY disasters

3Always put safety first

DIY disasters

4When you follow the instructions upside down

DIY disasters

5Precision and accuracy are key

DIY disasters


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