Did your ancestors come from Keighley?

by Northern Life

Did your ancestors come from Keighley? If so KDFHS offer a quarterly journal, access to a variety of research resources, monthly meetings and photos. Membership £10pa or £12 for a couple.

With a focus on family history in the West Riding of Yorkshire town of Keighley, the Keighley and District Family History Society was created in 1986.

It soon became apparent however that there was significant interest from the outlying districts. Through this interest the Society has expanded to what they have today, covering quite a large area of the County of Yorkshire, especially North Yorkshire. The specific area can be seen in detail by visiting the page ‘Area Covered‘.

They now have a wide network of members from all around the globe and communicate with them regularly via the Journal, the Internet and the Exchange Journals they receive from other Societies.

Family history remains as the focus of their research, helping members to find out details of their own families.

KDFHS is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies, being willing to promote their aims and help and encourage those who share the same interests as we do.

Tel: 01535 672144