Delia Designs for Success

by Sophia Smith

If you had given me a pencil at six years old, I would have created a masterpiece… of scribbles! For six-year-old Delia-May Krupinski, this is quite the opposite… her work of art ended up on TV!

Delia May

“I love to draw; I like to draw people. It makes me happy.” Delia chuckled. “I use pencils and paints, but I like painting the best. There is nothing I don’t like about art, I love it!

“My favourite colour is blue and green; I use these colours in my drawings. If I had a million pounds, I would buy lots of art stuff, pencils and paints!”

Delia’s portrait of Annie Mac and Clare Balding was shown on Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year. Her dad, Martin, sent in a photograph of her artwork on Instagram and 30 minutes later, they received a reply saying they loved her work and asked if they could put it on the show! “I’m proud of my art, I was excited seeing it on the television.”

Martin Krupinski, a talented portrait artist and also Delia’s dad has certainly passed his artistic talents down.“Delia always sits next to me and draws, she’s asks so many questions about art so I teach her, it means we can also bond and have lots of dad and daughter time! Who knows, she may be one of the top artists out there if she carries on,” her dad, Martin grinned.

“Delia’s portrait of Annie Mac was shown on Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year”

Delia and her dad are inseparable, “My dad always helps me with drawing. He teaches me how to draw things and use the pencils and paints. I get to be with my dad, I copy what he does and it’s really fun.” beamed Delia. “I even want to draw him.”

Host of Portrait Artist of the Year and art historian, Kate Bryan talked about how Delia caught the personality of Clare Balding through the great details in her eyes, which is a brilliant connection to her dad, Martin, as he said “I love starting my own art with the eyes, that’s where the story is, behind the eyes.” Like father like daughter!

Delia’s mum, Debbie, works on the acute care team at Blackburn hospital and has been nursing since she was 16, and it looks like someone wants to follow in her footsteps. “When I am older I want to be a nurse just like my mummy and help people.” smiled Delia.

When Delia isn’t creating stunning art, there are other exciting things she likes to do. “On the weekends I love going to the park, I also go to Taekwondo, I made lots of friends there and I go every Thursday and Saturday!” Learning round house kicks, and hand striking techniques, this is one six–year old you wouldn’t want to mess with!

Delia attends Christ Church Primary School in Colne, where she likes to spend time with her ‘BFFS’ Molly, Eva and Hope. “I love to make friends. We all play out together at dinner, they’re in my class.” Not only does her talent reflect at home, but teachers have been amazed by her artwork at school. Can you guess Delia’s favourite subject?