Whitby by Dave Zdanowicz

A look at Dave Zdanowicz’s second book ‘More Yorkshire in photographs’

by David Hall

Staithes by Dave Zdanowicz

Staithes by Dave Zdanowicz

Despite winning the Countryfile Reader’s Choice award, having his work featured in The Sunday Times, on various television networks including BBC, ITV and Sky, Dave Zdanowicz has only owned a camera for five years. His first camera, a Canon 60D was purchased off a colleague at Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College where he works as a performing arts technician, in 2013 and although he’s now upgraded his camera, Dave has been hooked ever since.

He published his first book, Yorkshire in Photographs, last year to glowing reviews and more recently his images of Bradford Grammar School are featured on their prospectus. Northern Life ran a feature on his first book a couple of years ago. Dave has released a follow up book titled More Yorkshire in Photographs. Everyone at Northern Life loves Dave’s photography and so we were thrilled to see a little acknowledgment in his new book.

“I would like to thank Karen Shaw and Alex Cowland from Northern Life magazine for giving my work some amazing publicity.”

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Milkyway Over Malham by Dave Zdanowicz

Milkyway Over Malham by Dave Zdanowicz

Dave, a proud Bradford lad, captures Yorkshire’s landscape with precision and beauty. Each photo is bouncing with colour and movement. His atmospheric images of the cliffs, harbours and villages from all around the county can inspire even the comfiest home bird to get out and explore and see that there is far more to Yorkshire than its puddings and tea.

Dave’s flashy new 120 page book captures the essence of his home county with a selection of the best images he’s taken over the last twelve months. The book features something for everybody from snow covered moor tops to the dramatic wave-battered East Coast. Dave’s
images show both well known Yorkshire landmarks and hidden treasures and Dave loves nothing more than finding new places to snap – even when on holiday!

“I’ll nip out at the crack of dawn and take some shots of the sunrise. I like to spend the day with my family, and I’m normally back before they’re awake.”

Dave’s first book largely focussed on the Yorkshire countryside but thanks to visits to the coast with girlfriend Tracy and son Jack, Dave has been able to explore other aspects of Yorkshire and the North East and take a collection of photographs throughout the different seasons and at different times of day, all of which are featured in his second book.

“I’ve visited pretty much each town and village on the North East Coast. It’s made a nice collection. You can always find something to photograph at the coast. There are more points of interest, and if you’ve got a nice sky, you can’t really fail to get a nice photograph.”

Whilst that may be true for Dave, something tells me that no sky, no matter how beautiful, could help improve my photography skills. Luckily, he’s got a few tips for the less click-happy amongst us.

“I’ll hope for a nice sunrise, and then I’ll look around to see what’s there like a lighthouse, a pier, boats, people on the beach, anything to make a photograph more interesting.”

Dave believes anyone can take a great photo and he wants to show people that Yorkshire is the perfect destination to explore – as a staycation for Brits or as a destination for those from abroad, Dave is passionate about everything Yorkshire has to offer and hopes his photographs will inspire travellers from far and wide.

“Whatever the weather, whatever time of year, Yorkshire is truly beautiful.”

More Yorkshire in Photographs – £10.21