Cycling on your commute to work could save you £1,400 a year


According to recent research, investing in a bike for the commute to work could save you near a whopping £1,400 a year by cutting out travel expenses.

The study involved 2,000 employed adults, and found that driving and commuting by public transport means the average professional spends just over £28 a week on getting to and from the office. Over the course of the average working year, it tallies up to £1,360.

On top of that, more than a fifth get a sense of smug superiority when they sail past cars sitting nose-to-tail in traffic! Save your money AND your time with a bike.

The research was commissioned by Argos to launch the easy-to-use Oyama Commuter Light 16” Folding Bike, which aims to make commuting even simpler.

It also emerged 27 per cent would consider commuting by bike if it saved them money, and a quarter would do the same if they had a bike which they could easily get on and off public transport, as part of their journey.

A spokesman for Argos said: “With train fares newly announced to increase again in January, many workers are really feeling the financial pinch of their daily commute.


“We’re all familiar with that rage-inducing feeling of being jam-packed on a hot train or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so it’s no wonder that so many are looking at cycling to help them save money, while also staying fit and de-stressed.

Bikes don’t have to be a huge money investment, either. If you’re looking for something on a budget, with high-quality rubber which will get you down the road very quickly, check out the Pinnacle Laterite 1 2020 Road Bike.

Additionally, sales of adult bikes have risen almost 70 per cent in the last three years with more opting for the eco, money, and health-friendly approach, while folding bikes are proving even more popular and have doubled in the same time.

“If you’re new to cycling then a folding bike is the perfect introduction to the world of cycle lanes and helmets as you can easily mix your ride with a stint on public transport.”

Commute with a folding bike
Brompton B75 2019 Folding Bike. £745.00

If you’re looking for a lightweight commute-friendly folding bike, check out the Brompton B75 2019 Folding Bike. A B75 easily fits into the back of a car or under a desk, and is ideal for those wanting something a little more portable.

Because folding bikes are so compact, if you’re not wanting to fully commit to riding all the way to work, a it is ideal – take a quick ride to the nearest rail station, then fold up your bike and hop onto the train to work. Save bit by bit!

The research, conducted via OnePoll, also found a third of respondents feel cycling to work is too dangerous to do regularly, and a further 38 believe the distance between home and work is too far to ride. An electric bike could be of benefit here – check out this Fiido D4S from GES.

Those who commute by car, bus, train or other means than a bicycle estimate it costs them almost £120 a month to do so. Think of all of that money you’re saving!

This means a bike and even all the equipment would end up paying for itself after just four months of commuting!

Commute wearing a high quality bike helmet for comfort
The Giro Foray Road Helmet. £59.00 – £79.99 dep. on colour

If you’re looking for a helmet for cycling to work, you might as well invest in something that’s going to last while keeping you comfortable and safe. The Giro Foray Road Helmet with added MIPS protection is ideal for the job, and is only £50 – money which you’re already saving by hopping on a bike.

Simon Read, personal finance expert, says: “When it comes to saving money, cycling to work is an easy win for commuters.

“Once you’ve splashed out on a bike, then using it every day will help improve your wealth as well as your health.

“The cost of a bike and gear could pay for itself in just four months, which means the more you pedal after that, the more savings you make.

“And that’s cash that can be used for whatever you like, whether putting towards a rewarding holiday – which you may feel you deserve after all that cycling – or just stashed aside for a rainy day.”

If you’re looking to cycle in your free time, too, have a look at our top 20 family bike rides in the north that will create lifelong memories.