BOOK REVIEW: Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths by Graham Ashworth

By Graham Ashworth Lock Publishing, paperback, £7.99

There is quite a cast in this novel, but Rossendale author Graham Ashworth handles them with consummate skill although the reader might find a check list handy.

In a day when computers take over our lives and are often at the centre of many national and international troubles, this story hinges on the invention of a clever program which can track people’s past movements.

A test program, on loan to the police while it is being examined as a possible tool for crime solving, is being used by one officer unknown to the force or the inventor with a number of arrests as a result.

A demonstration by John, the inventor, to a group of friends indicates a possible love affair between one of the group – Brett – and another woman. As he storms off and his wife is left in despair, John begins the task of unpicking the harm his new system seems to have done.

Meanwhile, a local criminal, a prostitute, a youth who wants to make a name with some terrorist explosion and even the Home Secretary get involved along with the local police force in a complex series of situations.


The novel bounces along at a rare pace raising plenty of questions before the climactic ending.

Another successful tale – the third – by the former firefighter turned novelist.