Create an Elegant Chandelier Wreath

Create an Elegant Chandelier Wreath

by Northern Life

Create a beautiful festive focal point

If you’re looking for an elegant and space-saving decoration to enhance your home this Christmas, Dobbies’ chandelier wreath could offer the perfect, stylish solution. Providing a gorgeous and festive focal point. You can create a chandelier that will be a unique talking point for Christmas gatherings and can be customised with decorations to fit the aesthetic of your home.

Follow these easy steps to create your own chandelier wreath:

Decide where you would like to hang your chandelier, as this will inform the size of base you should use. For your base, you can use any circular structure to suit – you could source a wreath frame or even repurpose a hula hoop. Take two 1m lengths of ribbon and knot each end to the frame, at four equally spaced points – these will be used to hang your chandelier. Take the string and wrap it round the base, fully covering it.
Layer each variety of foliage one by one on the base and repeat the sequence all the way around. Wind the twine around each foliage stem, ensuring its tightly secured. Make sure that you place your foliage so that there are no gaps, overlapping the stems is an easy way to do this for maximum impact.
Once you are happy with the amount of foliage, add any decorations such as baubles or string lights for illumination.
Now it’s time to hang your bespoke chandelier. Take the pieces of ribbon you have already attached – use a cup hook on your ceiling and secure the ribbons to the hook. The great thing about cup hooks is they are easy to remove or you can leave up for your next display. Allow your foliage to dry out beautifully over the festive period.

NorthernLife Nov/Dec 23