Create a Festive Eco Swag

Create a Festive Eco Swag

by Northern Life

Make use of your garden greenery for a festive decoration

This beautiful eco swag can be made using foraged greenery or collected stems from your garden – it looks stunning and is easy to make.


First, form the back of the swag using the ivy and evergreens as the base. Decide the length of the swag and trim accordingly. Wrap twine around the ends to hold it firmly in place.


Treat your swag like a bouquet of flowers, evenly place the more delicate foliage throughout your display, and secure it with twine.


Finish your swag by wrapping the ribbon around the ends and covering the twine. Place it on your doorway to enjoy throughout the festive period.

Credit: Dobbies

NorthernLife Nov/Dec 23