Crazy | Poetry

by Northern Life

Patricia Preece, Preston

No beer, no crisps, no jelly
No vodka no gin or wine
Cocktails were made from the finest fruits
I’ve had some and thrown the barman a dime.

The bacon and eggs are now all in my head
That taste still lingers in my mouth
Those wonderful salads along with the steaks
We’re in Benidorm not in the south.

Cheese oozing out of warm omelettes
Forget the diet just eat lots of eggs
Dancing the tango to work off those carbs
Now it is all in my head.

Markets selling lingerie and watches galore
With paintings of Spanish women with long legs
Maracas along with bright red dresses
Are now all in my head.

The promenade with its beautiful curved bay
And taverns where people are fed
Out on the rippled waters the small boats drift by
This is now all in my head.

The walks, the mountains stretch far beyond the eye
Along with those tall buildings that never go to bed
But the cabarets, the dancing that go on late in the night
These are now all in my head.

Lazy pools and crazy days
Quiet rooms with lazy beds
Reading in the soft warm sunshine
This is all in my head.