It’s crunch time for spirits, so if you want a sustainable autumnal drink that also tastes delicious, then look no further than the world’s most planet-positive spirit – Avallen Calvados. It is made from nothing but apples, water and time and is completely natural with no additives or added sugar.
Produced entirely in northwest Normandy, Avallen represents a younger, fresher and Climate Positive brand with the planet’s health at its core.
It is also one of the first-ever spirits to be available in a paper bottle. Far more robust than glass and six times lighter, weighing in at just 82 grams, this type of packaging minimises glass usage. It significantly reduces the carbon emissions related to packaging – the carbon footprint of each bottle being six times lower than Avallen’s glass alternative.

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Q: What fruit is the spirit made from?

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First published on 31 October 2023