A Cocktail Of Christmas Gifts

by Northern Life

[tps_header]Christmas is a time to crack open the festive spirits and celebrate with friends, and nothing says party like a well-made cocktail that has been created with a bit of style and flair. Root7 have a great selection of funky cocktail gadgets that will make the perfect gift for anyone who knows their Margarita from their Mojito. Plus an added bonus of buying one of these gadgets as a gift is, you might get to try out one of the recipients tasty creations![/tps_header]

Bar10derThe Bar10der: The world’s first 10-in-1 cocktail making tool, providing all the equipment you need to make the perfect mojito, martini or Singapore Sling, in one funky little package. It is not only looks great, but it also comes with recipes and instructions, so budding cocktail flairers can show off that they really know their reamer from their jigger at the Christmas and New Year parties.

The Bar10der is available in purple, green, blue or orange from John Lewis priced £29.99