Cider With... Whoever!

Celebrate summer with Northern Life’s top cider picks!

Feeling Crafty?

Tinston Anatomy Sparkling Cider, truffle trove cheese, crackers, crisps, relish and salami. Craft Cider Tasting. £55.

Think Outside The Bottle!

A tantalising mix of unique honey flavours with a delicious mix of subtle sweetness. Brothers Honeycomb Cider. £23 for 12.

Yorkshire's Finest

A fruity medium sweet eastern counties style cider handcrafted in the Yorkshire Wolds using locally sourced damsons and desert, culinary and crab apples £4

It's In The Can!

Created from fresh pressed root ginger and the finest Devon cider. It is a great food pairing for spicy dishes, and an outstanding cocktail ingredient. Cider Ginger. £21 for 12.

When Life Gives You Lemon's

Crafted using the freshest lemons and most perfectly ripe kumquats, alongside British apples, to deliver a refreshingly natural cider. Cranes Cider Lemons & Kumquats Cider. £20.99 for 9x500ml

In The Pink!

The Rosé’s fruit is hand-picked, and it is ideal as an aperitif or with desserts such as sorbets or pastries. SASSY Cidre Rosé £8.25