Taskers of Accrington share their top tips for choosing the right sofa


In-store furniture and design consultant at Taskers of Accrington shares top tips for choosing the right sofa. Buying a sofa is an investment. After all, it’s the heart of every living room, it’s what you collapse onto at the end of a busy day, curl up up on with a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon, or spend some quality time on with your family. So, how do you pick the perfect sofa?

Does it measure up?

choosing the right sofa
Alexander & James Wallace Corner Sofa. Prices starting from £3,049

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people just estimate the size of their living room, only to end up with a sofa that dominates the space – that is, if it can fit through the doorway in the first place! That’s right, you’ll also have to measure any doorways and stairwells that it’ll have to fit through, to ensure it will be able to make it into the living room. Make a note of the width, height and diagonal dimensions of each door frame ahead of going sofa shopping.

Check the frame

choosing the right sofa

As it’s estimated that Brits spend an average of 17 years sat on the sofa, it’s good to spend as much as you can afford on a sofa with a high-quality frame, as it will retain its shape for many years. Hardwood frames – such as beech, ash or pine – are the best choice, as they are more hard-wearing.

Here’s a quick tip – to check the stability, lift the front right leg of the sofa off the ground. If the left leg doesn’t immediately follow, the frame is likely to be flimsy and prone to warping.

Consider it’s purpose

choosing the right sofa
Alexander & James Pemberley Pillow Back Midi Sofa. Prices starting from £1,199

A sofa is more than just a place to sit. Do you frequently have guests over? Then a sofa bed may be ideal. Short on space? Two seater sofas are perfect for apartments or cottages, where space is at a premium. Love to lounge? Go for a corner sofa or chaise sofa, which has an elongated seat section, great for sprawling on.


Pick the right fabric

choosing the right sofa
Alexander & James The Retreat Leather Midi Sofa. Prices starting from £2,049

The fabric that you choose will have a big impact on the room, so choose wisely! Pick a colour that complements your colour scheme, or, if you’re going for a patterned sofa, go for a pattern that won’t clash with your other furnishings. If you have young children, it’s better to go for a darker colour that won’t show inevitable spills and stains – perhaps a sofa with a loose cover, which can be easily removed when it needs a wash. Leather can also be a surprisingly practical choice, as it can be wiped clean. Practicality is key when it comes to choosing a fabric!

Don’t forget that, as the old adage goes, it’s what’s inside that counts. As stunning as a sofa can look, it needs to be comfortable, so make sure to take this into account. Taskers of Accrington has a huge range of sofas to suit every taste and budget. Choosing the right sofa couldn’t be easier.



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