chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse at 15p per serving

by Northern Life

chocolate mousseWhat’s better than a bar of chocolate? Chocolate mousse, that’s what. But if you do it the traditional French way with a zillion eggs it will cost a bomb, be super calorific and take far too bloody long to prepare.

I heard about this Heston Blumenthal chocolate mousse and didn’t believe it would work as it’s just chocolate and water but it does.

plain chocolateAll you need is 2 bars of Basics PLAIN chocolate (30p each) and an electric hand whisk (less than £6 in Sainsbury’s)

Milk chocolate or white chocolate won’t work. I know because I tried so you don’t have to.

Break up two bars into a pan and add nearly the same amount in water. Yes you can guess. Be brave. If it ends up too thin just make sure you have another 30p block to chuck in.

Then you need to stir the chocolate into the water so it’s all smooth and silky. That takes about 3 seconds. Don’t let it boil. It just needs to melt.

Next comes the bit where the magic happens. For this you either need a big bowl full of ice to stand your pan on or a bag of frozen peas.

Whisk the chocolate and water mixture on full power until it begins to thicken.whisking the chocolate

When it’s thick and shiny and twice as big as it was, pour it into one big or 4 individual pots or glasses and pop it in the fridge for an hour to set.

You will have the most gorgeous, silky sexy chocolate mousse ever.

If you want to see the full post of this including a video of Heston whipping it up then visit my blog at and search for chocolate mousse.