Northern Life Poetry

POETRY: Celestial Woodland | Poetry

by Northern Life

by Irene Nutter, Burnley

Crisp autumn leaves I softly tread
From birch so tall above my head,
Branches strong, reach far, some wide
Such a haven for squirrels to dance and to hide.

They pluck the fruits from hazel ripe
And store them safe for this dark night,
Where doves and owls, with blink of eye
Watched closely, enveloped by midnight sky.

This celestial woodland a comfort to all
Even fairies and gnomes and pixies so small,
Who spread their charm for all to see
Even kiss goodnight, the bumblebee.

Tall ferns whose fronds now whisper a hush
For a mouse appears from a rugged bush,
Her babes and she, gently rustle crisp leaves,
As they tend their bed, this moonlit eve.