Cancer Can Kiss My Arse

by Northern Life


I have thought long and hard about writing this, but as time has gone on I feel the time is right. This is not for sympathy; it is very much an awareness post. I would feel so guilty if I found out any of my friends ended up going through this and I didn’t speak up.

Today I completed my second round of chemotherapy of a six-month stint for breast cancer. I was diagnosed three weeks before our wedding, but only recently told family as we wanted to protect our fabulous children for as long as possible.

I thought I could feel something but it did not feel like a ‘lump’, Steve couldn’t feel anything. I got it checked out, not expecting anything to come of it. How wrong was I?

After scans, mammograms, MRI scans, numerous biopsies it was confirmed I had a very large ill-defined mass which was a tumour. This followed with the MRI scan showing the breast was full of fluffy tumours and cancer present in lymph nodes none of which had shown up on the mammogram or ultrasounds. So, treatment was decided – six rounds of nasty chemotherapy, then a mastectomy to follow, with radiotherapy after surgery. It’s going to be a tough journey not only for me, but my husband Steve, children and family – I am so lucky with the support I have around me and so appreciative of the messages, flowers and love.

The Devil whispered in my ear, “You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear, “I am the storm.”

I’m so pleased I got it checked. Boys, get your lovely ladies to check- it can save their life with early diagnosis. It’s a scary thing to go through, and you don’t have a choice but to grit your teeth and kick back at it. Early diagnosis is so important. So, cop a feel tonight girls and boys, and continue to do so! Cancer can kiss my arse! I’m coming to get you.