Bridgerton on a Budget

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Netflix’s show, Bridgerton, has been the perfect Lockdown gift. This playful take on the Regency era is a visual treat, with dashing colour palettes reminiscent of Wedgewood china and Mr Kipling’s cakes. Filigree plasterwork wall panels, a ballroom with an intimidating chessboard-like floor, debutantes in empire waisted dresses and an explosion of floral arrangements, together create a mood that is both decorative and uplifting. The Regency style is classical at heart and is pure in detail and structure. In this guide, the designers at luxury British furniture manufacturer, John Sankey, details the history and signature characteristics of the pieces that were adopted in this timeless era. What’s more, they also provide a look into how one can re-imagine this lavish period style for the contemporary home.

The history or regency styled furniture 

During the Regency period, we saw George IV serving as Prince Regent from1811 to 1820. Known as “the Prince of Pleasure”, George IV’s impact on furniture design was huge and his own personal tastes greatly influenced Regency interiors. Throughout this era, Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities were the predominant source of inspiration for interior design, with manufacturers borrowing both structural and ornamental elements from these historical artefacts.

The characteristics of regency style furniture

As mentioned previously, the classic interiors and props so lavishly imagined in Bridgerton, pay homage to an iconic period in design history. However, Regency style furniture is so much more than grand chandeliers and show stopping colour combinations.

Historical shapes and motifs

Due to the fascination with ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles at the time, Regency furniture hosted a variety of historically inspired shapes and motifs. Images of mythological gods and beasts were imprinted on designs, and features such as laurel wreaths and acanthus leaves were sculpted, gilded and drawn on to pieces as decorative devices.


Manufacturers in the Regency period used many kinds of wood in their furniture designs to exploit their varying characteristics. For example, dark woods were used to convey a majestic and somewhat imposing feel to a specific interior piece, while exotic wood veneers would show more decorative surface effects. Mahogany wood was also a popular preference for furniture makers during this time.

Brass and lion heads

When it came to accentuating that monumental look, brass was the ultimate go-to metal for many Regency furniture manufacturers. Lion heads were incorporated into metal work, enhancing its regal stature, and making statement appearances as handles on drawers.

Chair legs

You’d be wrong to think that there was only one style of chair leg during the Regency period. There were chairs with turned legs, saber legs, legs shaped like classic columns, and x-shaped stretches. As well as this, claw and ball feet were also a signature look on chairs and tables, amplifying that decorative feel.

"Light the way"

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The Alphonse chair

When it comes to the styling of John Sankey’s Alphonse chair, you have the option of supplying your own fabric and thus channeling the wonderfully sweet and romantic nature of Penelope Featherington, 

or the daringly bold and rebellious character of Eloise Bridgerton. Due to its shapely, playful lines, this chair may just be the Bridgerton-inspired piece you’re searching for.

The Wainwright chair

With this beautiful Wainwright chair, you have the opportunity to embrace the rich palette and glorious charisma of the powerful Lady Danbury herself.