VIDEO: A Bradford artist’s response to Covid-19 lockdown

David Starley
David Starley with his first demonstration piece. ‘Misty Wood-Meadow’ based on a view of the Farnley Estate parkland

Painting must be one of the most popular hobbies and, within our region, a surprisingly large number of art clubs exist providing an evening, or afternoon out with a group of like-minded people in a sociable and engaging activity. Typically events include painting sessions, taught workshops or demonstrations by practising artists. With high proportion of the members being in the 70 plus age range, the clubs were amongst the earliest events to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

“I realised that for many individuals, their weekly ‘fix’ of painting was going to be sorely missed”

David Starley

A Bradford artist has responded by providing movie clips of painting demonstrations and sending them out, making them available, free of charge, to local groups and their members so that they can be enjoyed in a safe environment.

The completed work

David Starley, an oil painter who works from The Bingley Gallery explained; “After many years giving demonstrations and enjoying the enthusiastic welcome offered by these groups, I realised that for many individuals, their weekly ‘fix’ of painting was going to be sorely missed. Although the demonstrations, the first of which went on line on Friday, can’t replicate he sociable ambience of the club it does encourage budding artist to replicate the style of painting and art can be so absorbing that it allows even serious concerns to put to the back of one’s mind.

For those who are keen for a little dialog, David is happy for images of the resulting paintings to be sent back to him for feedback.

Watch the first demonstration here



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