Botanical Bathrooms Styling tips

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1. Use Up Corners

Utilise the space in your bathroom and incorporate taller, larger statement plants into a corner of your bathroom to fill the space. Place these by your bath or shower to create the feeling of showering in your own botanical jungle!

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2. Consider Lighting

When selecting what plants you would like to incorporate into your bathroom, consider the lighting in the space to ensure it is suitable for your plants to flourish in. Dedicate windowsills to plants that require that extra bit of lighting, and for bathrooms with low lighting, opt for plants like the Boston Fern that loves humidity.

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3. Mirrors

Style hanging plants around your bathroom mirror to create an aesthetically pleasing tropical look. Alternatively, you could place these next to your mirror to create a beautiful botanical effect.

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4. Accent Colours

Use bold accent colours such as dark navy, black and grey to accent the greenery of your plants and bring out the natural tones.