BOOK REVIEWS: Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews

BOOK REVIEW Happiness For Begginers

Sphere, Hardback, £12.99

The author admits that her own time as a lonely youngster at the real Animal Antiks Farm was a sheep, sorry, steep, learning curve.

So, this enchanting tale of Molly Baker inheriting Hope Farm from an aunt who had much to do with bringing her up, is a real winner.

Molly discovers that the animals make a vast difference to Asperger’s Syndrome victim Tina and realises that life on the farm can help many problem children.

She changes the farm to a school – with teaching time as well as time to get to know the animals and other farm work – and is enjoying life when the star of a TV soap arrives with his son. Progress is difficult and not helped by the news that the farm site has been designated as part of the route of a new high-speed rail link. She must move out…

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