BOOK REVIEW: The Little Angel by Rosie Goodwin

The Little Angel by Rosie Goodwin

When Kitty is abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of a childrens’ home it was a blessing for Sunday Branning and her husband Tom. They could have no children of their own but looked after many abandoned youngsters.

In fact they treated the darling little girl as their own and life could not be better. Every year on the anniversary of finding the abandoned child an envelope was delivered to their home with money – for the child. But when the girl had turned into an attractive young women came another letter – the mother, a famous singer, wanted her daughter to live in London with her.

The Little Angel by Rosie Goodwin
The Little Angel
By Rosie Goodwin

Both households were never the same For Kitty it meant following her mother on to the stage and falling in love with a photographer who beguiled her with his charms and eventually had her eating out of his hand.

It is a story full of family love and pathos, lives and passion and then comes the First World War which changes things and leads to a moving climax.

Rosie Goodwin writes with feeling about family life, having worked in the social services sector for some years and fostering children. She also has a natural feel for the past, casting her characters with careful concern – and making them all believable. Another top story from an author at her best.



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