BOOK REVIEW: The Telephone Girls

The Telephone Girls

Take three girls manning telephones in a new exchange in 1936, watched over by an over-zealous supervisor.

As if Cynthia, Norma and Millicent hadn’t enough to take up their time juggling with the complicated equipment as they put callers in touch, they then join forces to help one of Millicent’s old friends. Listening into a call against the rules Millicent gets the feeling that her friend might be getting into serious trouble.

It becomes evident that the friend, Clare, was in the grip of a prostitution  racket and did not have the strength to resist.

But when she is found with alongside the blood-stained body of one of the men with a leading role in the racket she was charged with his murder and it appeared that the police would consider it ‘case closed’.

The trio, however, risk their jobs and their friendship to try and discover the truth behind the murder. As love interests sometimes hinder their operation, and they are caught out listening to another call it appears that all is lost. Their friend will be found guilty of murder and they would lose their jobs.

But Yorkshire author Jenny Holmes, as always, has other plans and polishes off the story with a climax that contains some of her surprise packages. An excellent story told with feeling for the period.


The Telephone Girls by Jenny Holmes
Corgi, Paperback, £5.99



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