BOOK REVIEW: Secret Whitby

Secret Whitby

By Ian Thompson and Roger Frost
Amberley Publishing, paperback, £14.99

Everyone likes a secret. Any anyone from the North will enjoy these revelations about one of the country’s most picturesque fishing ports – Whitby. At a time when there are talks to regularise the dating of Easter it is interesting to note that the complicated, lunar mathematics which gives Easter its current shift around the calendar were agreed at the Synod of Whitby in the year 664AD.

Then there is the photograph of two elephants in the nearby beach, and the story of how Bram Stoker decided to write Dracula. These and many other oddities are unearthed by the detective duo who wrote this fascinating book.

It is a must-have guide to the town with lots of mysterious places and amazing characters. Even the port itself, once a whaling centre, is dealt with, leaving the reader desperate to learn more.

The Fossil Coast gets a good mention along with how Captain Cook came to be associated with the town, and why more than 530 shipwrecks have been recorded on that section of the coast.

This book has the answers to many of the questions you might come up against as you tour the town, spend in the shops, or even eat in the famous fish and chip restaurants.


So book yourself a day or two in Whitby and make sure this little gem is in your luggage.




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