BOOK REVIEW: Red Snow by Larraine Susan Harrison

Red Snow

Here is a scary tale which successfully straddles two genres – a 12-year-old girl who is trying to find out about the death of her mother, and mysterious, frightening, creatures in a nearby wood.

As Megan, befriends a young neighbour, Ryan, who first discovered that the creatures existed when he found blood in the snow, the two meet a strange woman who saves them from the creatures and whom later, it becomes evident that she knows more about the death of Megan’s mother than she is prepared to tell.

Larraine Harrison has woven a compelling tale as she tries to offer help to those with problems about the past and those suffering the grief of an over-protective parent plus the frustration of not knowing what may have happened to the other.

It does have an ending which offers hope, however, and full marks to the Wakefield author, for penning a novel which must help those who have lost a loved one.




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