BOOK REVIEW: Meet Me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker

Book review Meet Me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker

If you have problems with sexual innuendo, often without the innuendo, this book is not for you. It’s a fun story of two school friends who meet after many years and fall in love and buy an old lighthouse between them.

They want to fulfil Ross’s dream and open a music centre for young people. Bobbie buys into the idea and this is the tale of how they take a long-since closed, deserted, run down lighthouse and begin to make that dream become an attractive base for local teenagers.

Mary Jayne Baker
Meet me at the Lighthouse
By Mary Jayne Baker

They make plenty of mistakes both in the redevelopment process and in rebuilding their personal relationship – including the return of Claire, Ross’s one-time wife waiting for the divorce papers to come through, and a recalcitrant councillor who has other ideas for the lighthouse.

Ph, and Bobbie’s one-time lover also makes an appearance.

Mary Jayne Baker, a West Yorkshire lass (which probably accounts for the blunt and explicit speaking) has put together a quirky novel with heroes and heroines you can love and enemies you can hate.

If you like plenty of sex and a lot of swearing you’ll enjoy this.



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