BOOK REVIEW: Homecomings by Marcia Willett

BOOK REVIEW Homecoming Marcia Willett

Bantam Press, paperback

The house by the harbour in a small Cornish fishing village proves to be a haven for those with troubled minds and bodies.

The place which was the home of Ned’s parents, is now Ned’s and proves to be just as welcome a retreat for many needy people including Ned’s nephew Hugo, Prune, a young girl who works locally, and another nephew, Jamie, a former RAF pilot.

Marcia Willet’s ability to get to the heart of individuals is brilliantly controlled as she follows the progress of all involved in a very complex, but completely credible, storyline. The author has again managed to unravel the secret lives of those she writes about and lead the reader on page by page to a climax which may be the herald for another book.

Available to by from Amazon £8.99



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