BOOK REVIEW: The Compleat Thunks Book

The Compleat Thunks Book

Here is a book for thinking lovers of the English language who enjoy a challenge.

Ian Gilbert has come up with a complex selection of questions to make you think out-of-the-box. Questions such as “Does the horizon go higher when the tide goes out?”, or “In a horse race are the horses racing?” “Is there less ‘outdoors’ every time someone builds a new conservatory?” is another poser.

This way of questioning the way we think, or speak, at least opens up avenues of thought that may never have been trodden before. The author argues that it “stimulates parts of your brain that are too often underused” as he encourages his readers to look at topics in a new light and causes them to examine the things they take for granted.

Certainly a challenging book – and humorous too, with some of the questions able to begin a good discussion or encourage pub talk with a difference.

In a world which is dominated by sound bites and snappy quotes this at least puts a different complexion on the way we could respond.

The Compleat Thunks Book by Ian Gilbert
Crown House Publishing, Paperback, £12.99