BOOK REVIEW: The Chic Boutique on Baker St. by Rachel Dove

Rachel Dove

by Rachel Dove Mills & Boon, paperback, £7.99 BUY THIS BOOK

Moving from London to a small village Amanda wonders whether it is the right thing to do. After all, as a clever lawyer she had a promising future – which pleased her parents, both law partners – but had thrown it all in to run a small boutique.

Her first meeting with Ben, the local vet, was a disaster. And their feelings for each other seemed to change with the wind. The good looking hunk goes hot and cold in the London émigré whose past life is a secret.

And she wonders what her parents will think of her move and what went wrong to earn her the sack for getting one contract so wrong.

But eventually she settles down and her little shop becomes the meeting point for a local ladies group who enjoy a chat, tea, and whatever handicrafts they are into.

Even the tough Agatha Mayweather finds a soft spot for Amanda, which is returned as they begin to work together to save the village hall.


This is a well-written love story with a neat twist at the end and a double thread running through it.

It won the Prima Flirty Fiction competition which is something of a tribute to the Yorkshire author, Rachel Dove. It’s her first book and almost certainly will not be the last.




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