BOOK REVIEW: The Bounder by Mike Daunt

The Bounder

The Bounder by Mike Daunt John Blake Publishing, paperback, £7.99 BUY THIS BOOK

If you like reading about someone who fully lives up to the name on the cover you’ll love this book. Master angler Mike Daunt writes about the fish he has hooked – and the girls he has bedded in a life of mixing it with stars and the elite.

Life at Rugby School, followed by the Sandhurst, Royal Military Academy, seem to have prepared him in a rebellious way for business.

Spending 20 years selling fish and game to those who could afford it ended with a profitable sale This led to his next role as a spey-casting instructor with Chris Tarrant, Ronnie Corbett, Eric Clapton, Guy Richie and Fiona Armstrong arriving for lessons and creating friendships at the same time.

Each one has their own little offering to the book. Like Clarissa Dickson Wright – her of the Two Fat Ladies TV series – who arrived to drink with him looking very pleased. A large man had tried to mug her en route but she “hit him very hard and laid him out”, leaving him crumpled on the pavement.


Not a book for the prudish but it does show what you can do given the will and the affrontary.