BOOK REVIEW: Born to be Trouble

Born to be trouble

If you like ‘angels’ and meditation then this is a novel to excite you. Following her earlier books The Girl by the River, and The Boy with No Boots, Sheila Jeffries looks to have another hit on her hands with Born to be Trouble.

She takes Tessa, (the girl) and her father Freddie (the boy) and places them later in life with an extension of their personalities.

While Freddie is married to Kate, it is their spiritual daughter Tessa who takes the key role this time, blowing hot and cold in a troubled life that appears to promise no smooth future.

As she returns home after spending some years with a hippie group but things are no calmer. The man she returns with in their caravan home suddenly announces he has another girl – and a baby – and Tessa storms off to London in disgust and frustration.

She makes a marriage of convenience and head for more trouble until the Samaritans, her visions, a classroom full of children with difficulties, and a lonely cat provide the catalysts to turn her life around.

A lovely and lively tale for which a box of tissues may be a useful companion.


Born to be Trouble by Sheila Jeffries
Simon & Schusterh, Paperback, £6.99