BOOK REVIEW: Bang to Rights by Helen Black

Book Review - Bang To Rights by Helen Black

Constable, Paperback

If you can take a book with a swear word on the majority of pages, then you will not be put off Helen Black’s second novel in the Liberty Chapman series.

When the former wife of notorious London gangster Roberta Kray described it as “gripping and gritty” I should have expected nothing else. Gripping yes, with a fast-moving plot as lawyer Liberty Chapman – a member of a criminal family – agrees to act for a rival family which leads to torn emotions.

But she is targeted by PC Amira Hassani who desperately wants to get the evidence to send Liberty and her family to prison – even if it means blackmailing, Sol, a colleague to produce such evidence.

Sol has to make his own mind up about which way to turn and a cleverly written climax gives the book a dramatic ending.

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