by Northern Life

Jim Atherton, Darwen

Today has been a wash out, for we’ve seen nought but rain,
So I did a round of visiting, friends who are racked with pain
It started me a’thinking, I really cannot complain
So I started to give thanks for all my blessings.

I looked up to the leaden sky above, thinking – oh deary me,
Until I came across a blind man, alas who could not see
But he wore a smile upon his face and was as happy as can be
So it made me think again about my blessings.

Then whilst going round our supermarket, what did I see there?
But a cheerful young woman in an electric wheelchair
She smiled at me so prettily and did not seem to have a care
So once more I realised the gift of all my blessings.

Then I went to join my painting class, for I was very keen,
For colours meant the world to me, if you know just what I mean
There I met a pupil he was colourblind and did not know red from green
So I started to give thanks for all my blessings.

Often we feel weary, thinking God has let us down
As we travel along life’s journey sometimes with a frown
Then I look upon my many friends who live within our town,
And give my thanks to God above for all my blessings.