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Biggest wedding day regrets and how to avoid them

It’s every bride or groom-to-be’s nightmare that their wedding day won’t be everything they’ve dreamed of. After all, for many, a wedding is one of…

It’s every bride or groom-to-be’s nightmare that their wedding day won’t be everything they’ve dreamed of. After all, for many, a wedding is one of the most important moments in a lifetime.

In a study of married individuals, of those who want to give their wedding day a re-run, it was found that almost 50% of people would still want to do things differently. A rather large proportion of these went as far as to say they regret how things went the first time around. An even more forthright bunch stated that their biggest regret was marrying the wrong person!

The study, commissioned by Mercure, found that the venue is the most common aspect of the wedding married Brits would like to change. If they were offered a chance to give their wedding day another go. Whether you prefer a rural and cosy setting, or modern and romantic, the majority of us would agree the location is extremely important.

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Several think that, if they were to try again, they would appear a more striking bride or groom now than when they originally strode down the aisle – a few brides of which specifically noted that their wedding dress was the element they’d change.

Many individuals believe that they were too young when they got married, and were too easily influenced by others about how their wedding day should go. The majority said they would want to be in complete control of proceedings if they were given a second chance.

Charlotte Hill, wedding planner at Mercure, is giving one married couple the opportunity to win a ‘Wedding Re-Do’! She said: “The pressure and complexity of having the perfect wedding can mean our big day doesn’t go exactly how we’d like. Be it that they didn’t have a big budget or family dramas got in the way, it’s unsurprising that nearly half of married Brits would like the opportunity to re-do the event knowing what they know now.”


1. The wedding venue

2. Invite all their current friends to celebrate with them

3. The style of their wedding dress

4. Keep things simple and classy

5. Try to stress less about how perfect everything had to be

6. The bridesmaid or best man

7. The bride’s hairstyle

8. Ignore advice from the mother-in-law / their mum

9. Hire someone to do their hair and make up

10. Ask for money rather than gifts


1. When choosing suppliers, select them on the rapport you build with them from the beginning and not just on the cost so you want your day to be in the hands of someone that you trust. It is really important that you connect with them and not just love the venue.

2. Work out what sort of celebration you are after straight away – are you wanting it to be small and intimate, or a grand display? It’s important to revert back to this when things become overwhelming with choice to prevent risking blowing the budget or adding to your stress levels.

3. Create two lists: a wish list, and realistic list of how you would like your day to be, suppliers involved, budget, and guest list. Using these lists, you can determine the ‘must-needs’ and prioritise from there!

4. SAVE! If you do not have the luxury budget, prioritise the elements of your day that you know you would look back on and regret not having there.

5. Don’t let outside influences change your vision for risk of upsetting them… it’s your day and you can do it your way!

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