The bedroom is without doubt one of the most important rooms in the house. It should be a relaxing, cosy haven you can’t wait to retreat to every night. However, designing and decorating your bedroom for optimum sleeping is often easier said than done. We’ve rounded up five of the best companies to ensure you’ve got everything sorted. From your wallpaper right through to your fittings and most importantly… your bed!

Stop losing sleep over your bedroom makeover…

Hartleys Bedrooms

The Business Centre, Snaygill Industrial Estate, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2QR

Based in the market town of Skipton in North Yorkshire, Hartleys design, manufacture and install fitted bedroom and home study furniture, as well as offering a bespoke freestanding range. Well known for their outstanding quality, Hartleys trump the big names by offering a true personal touch and a friendly, smooth and professional service from the very first design visit right through to installing your new furniture. Working with their experienced and dedicated team, together you’ll be able to mould your room design to your exact requirements. Whether it be a style, functional or budget element, Hartleys guarantee to make your new living space perfectly unique to you. Perfect if you’re looking for a chic new storage solution which is fit for purpose and will make the very best use of your space. Hartleys, with their forty years’ craftsmanship expertise and recent plant and machinery investment, are the perfect choice. One of Skipton’s leading home-grown businesses, Hartleys pride themselves on their loyal (and growing) customer following, which covers the whole Yorkshire region, as well as areas of Lancashire and Cumbria.

Call them today to arrange your FREE home design visit. Facebook Twitter Instagram 01756 700471

Pagazzi Lighting



Founded in 1980 in Glasgow, Pagazzi Lighting has gone on to become the UK’s premier independent lighting retailer with shops and outlets throughout the UK. Lighting your bedroom in the correct way is key to ensuring the perfect sleeping environment and the experts at Pagazzi are guaranteed to help you create the perfect ambience. You won’t find a company more passionate or knowledgeable about lighting – with expertise second to none and a warm, friendly welcome, Pagazzi offer exceptional value for money on high quality lights to suit every budget. Pagazzi pride themselves on superior customer service and promise to help you choose lights that will make your bedroom more attractive and peaceful than ever. Pagazzi have a huge range in store both for the bedroom and the rest of the house covering all decorative lighting styles.

So whether you’re looking for modern, traditional or contemporary – or for a certain type – ceiling, table, floor, wall or spots – Pagazzi will undoubtedly have the lights for you. Pagazzi truly understand how lighting can enhance your bedroom and home and with their professional insight into interiors and the importance of those crucial finishing touches they also have a fabulous selection of beautiful mirrors, art, rugs and furniture in the majority of their stores – perfect for ensuring your bedroom is cosy, warm and the ultimate place to relax. So if you’re looking for your bedroom interior dream to come true, a visit to Pagazzi is an absolute must. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Store Locator 0344 257 1908

Graham and Brown Factory Shop

Factory Shop Padiham
Unit 7, Shuttleworth Mead, Meadway, Padiham, BB12 7NG 01282 680442 email

Factory Shop Blackburn
Harwood Street, Blackburn, BB1 3BS 01254 291016 email

Graham & Brown’s two Factory Shops located in Lancashire are real gems if you are looking to update your home décor. Both are packed full with a wide variety of quality wallpapers, paints & accessories for the trade professional or the DIY decorator – all with huge Factory Shop savings. Customers can choose the perfect wallpaper from thousands of designs available, including Graham & Brown exclusive collections and wallpapers from leading designers such as Kelly Hoppen and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen plus, there’s a great range of easy to use paste the wall and paintable white wallpapers. They also have a large collection of high quality mixed to order paints in a variety of finishes which have been created to match their range of wallpapers. Graham & Brown Factory Shops pride themselves on their friendly, top quality service, offering decorating and interior trend advice if you should need it. Plus, they have first-hand access to product fresh from the Graham & Brown factory so you won’t find the same depth of choice anywhere else, visit their Factory Shop either at their Blackburn or Padiham store to see for yourself. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

Laura Ashley

Bedroom makeover


Laura Ashley have over 60 years of design experience. They are perfectly suited to help you conduct the bedroom makeover of your dreams. They offer everything from furniture and wallpaper to curtains, blinds and accessories. Laura Ashley is a one stop shop for everything bedrooms. Plus, they also offer a full design service which includes a home consultation with one of their highly experienced designers. Their website is also home to a range of buying guides and look books – the perfect place to look for inspiration!

Simba Sleep

Outlets nationwide

Simba Sleep started life as a thread factory and started supplying thread for mattresses in 1979 before beginning to make their own mattresses in 2002, and since then have grown to become one of the UK’s premier suppliers of mattresses, pillows, beds and bedding. They’ve created an award winning mattress using the very best materials. Perfect for all sleep styles and that boasts the most five-star ratings for any mattress-in-a-box in Europe! Their fuss free approach makes changing your mattress easy – they’ll even take your old one away! So if you need a new mattress, make it a Simba mattress.

Make your bedroom a sleep retreat

The Sleep Council recommends that adults get between seven and nine hours sleep but according to the Great British Bedtime Report, a whopping 75% of us get less than just seven hours a night. In order to help you catch more of those precious Z’s we asked Sara from Hartleys Bedrooms for her tips on creating a sleep haven and ensuring your bedroom fulfils its main purpose.

Spring Clean

“Clutter has a negative effect on our lives and possessions blocking your path make simple tasks difficult which in turn triggers a stress response.” Sara explains, “combat this by spring cleaning no matter what time of year it is. It’ll make your bedroom cleaner, calmer and less cluttered. If you struggle for space, fitted bedroom furniture such as wardrobes are perfect and enhance it visually too! You’ll be less preoccupied with mess and will find it easier to nod off.”

Add greenery

“Placing some greenery in your bedroom can have numerous benefits as greenery releases
oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide and so purifies the air in the room. Plants offer wellbeing benefits with studies showing they lessen stress, speed up recovery time for certain health conditions and improve focus. Try fresh flowers on a dressing table to help you unwind!”

Try Feng Shui

The traditional Chinese geomancy of Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. Sara explains: “This is great for people struggling to get their recommended level of shut eye. Assess the influences of the physical landscape, space, time and orientation. Simply placing your bed so that it’s not in line with the door but you can still see it will lessen feelings of vulnerability. You can also use accessories to nourish the senses. Mix bespoke furniture in neutral shades with soft fabrics like velvet and satin.”

Ensure comfort

13% of those getting a bad night’s sleep blame an uncomfortable bed. Sara recommends: “Memory foam mattresses can relieve body stress, muscle pains and aches. The type of pillow you should use depends on sleep position but it should tuck into the neck and shoulder to properly support the head.” She adds, “also consider lighting and temperature. For adults, above 24°C can produce restlessness whereas below 12°C can cause trouble sleeping. In terms of lighting, absolute darkness is always best. I recommend blackout curtains or blinds, or a sleep mask.”

“Have a warm, milky drink before bed”

It’s All In The Decoration

Don’t just paint your bedroom any old colour! Use soothing, cooling colours to help you relax, lower your blood pressure and get a peaceful night’s slumber. We’ve asked the experts at Graham and Brown to give us their top tips on decorating your bedroom so it’s not only stylish but functional too.

Embrace dark colours

Rich hues are the go-to for all out dramatic glamour. Blue in particular is associated with serenity.

Get creative with pattern and print

There are so many ways to use wallpaper and paint together to create a beautiful feature wall. For a modern look, use metallic geometrics on the upper half, then paint below in an airy pink hue.

Bedroom makeover
Linden blue & white wallpaper, £22.99, 2.5L Durable matt emulsion paint
Soften a grey scheme with blush

Grey upholstery combines beautifully with delicate pink shades, especially with little hints of rose gold.

Try a statement ceiling

The big wrap-around! Carry a feature wallpaper all the way up onto the ceiling!

Get instant glamour

The secret to luxury style is to use wall coverings that have texture and embellishment. Flock or beaded wallpaper is a great way of adding glamour to your décor, with crystallike beads that reflect the light or soft velvet highlights for a multidimensional effect.

Bedroom makeover
Bespoke Triple Sliding Wardrobes with textured copper panelling
from £4,000
Mix and match designs

Choose tonal patterns that coordinate with the main colour theme of your bedroom.

Find harmony with colour flow

Think about the colour flow of your house from one room to the next and into your bedroom. Pick shades that sit beautifully together for a calming, cohesive feel and also to create the illusion of larger rooms.

Thinking Furniture

The furniture we use in our bedrooms can drastically change the way it looks and its functionality. However, with so many options readily available it can be hard to decide which style of furniture would best suit you. We’ve asked Sharon at Rossendale Interiors for her top tips on urnishing your bedroom:

Freestanding or fitted?

The biggest decision for many can be whether to use freestanding or fitted furniture. “Freestanding is best if you intend to move as you can take it with you.” Sharon explains, “but fitted is better for cleaning and storage. If you do go for fitted ensure it’s fixed to the floor and not the carpet as it will ‘settle’ and can make changing the carpet difficult.”

Wardrobes or drawers?

Being savvy with storage is key to getting the most out of your bedroom in a cost effective way. “Wardrobes cost the most so it’s not cost effective to buy a wardrobe then put drawers inside. Use a wardrobe for hanging and for the most cost effective option, mix drawers and cupboards. For example, if you have lots of books, it’s best to use a bedside unit. Tall boys can be great for storage and are perfect for placing a TV on top of as it’s usually a good height for watching when in bed.”

Kevin McCloud
Kevin McCloud’s Top Tip

“Buy a decent bed! Spend a lot of money on your mattress, you spend a third of your life on it!”

Ditch the dressing table?

“Dressing tables look good but there’s no point in having one unless you’re going to sit at it.” Sharon smiles, “Most of us put make up on in the bathroom mirror and never use it but they can be useful as a desk area – especially in children’s bedrooms.”

Consider the size of your bed

One of the things often forgotten about is the size of our bed. Sharon explains, “you need to leave an extra 100mm for bedding and to consider that if you do want a bigger bed in the future it may not fit. It’s also worth noting that sleigh beds need extra space due to their larger frame.”

Modular or front frame?

“Modular furniture is a complete unit with sides, top, bottom and back with doors on whereas a front frame is a frame built across the wall which then has doors hung on it with shelves and rails inside.” Sharon explains, “Front frame is usually cheaper as you’re only buying fascia and panels and gives more storage but it does mean that your clothes are hung against the walls which can be an issue if you have damp walls. It can also be tricky to decorate.”

Matching en-suite!

More and more of us are opting for en suite bathrooms. Sharon recommends, “It’s best if the same company does both so they can match fully.”

Could It Be Time For A New Bed?

We spend a third of our lives in bed so if you’re having difficulty sleeping one of the first things to look at is your bed. We’ve teamed up with James at Prestige Beds to find out if your bed needs an upgrade:

“A comfortable supportive bed can make the difference between a restorative night’s sleep and poor quality sleep that results in tiredness and fatigue. Research shows that sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could rob you of up to an hour’s sleep.

While you could be doing all the right things – eating the right foods, exercising regularly, switching off gadgets before bedtime, winding down properly and sleeping in a cool, quiet and dark bedroom – if you’re sleeping on an old, unsupportive and unhealthy bed you still won’t get a refreshing night’s sleep.”

To determine if your bed would improve your chances of a better night’s sleep, James suggests asking yourself:

  1. Is it seven years old or more?
  2. Did you have your best night’s sleep recently in another bed?
  3. Are you waking up more frequently not refreshed and aching?
  4. Do you disturb your partner or are you disturbed by them when changing sleeping positions?
  5. Does it look used or worn?
  6. Does it feel lumpy?
  7. Does it make suspicious noises?
  8. Is it sagging? Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally in the middle of the night?
  9. Are the base, legs or castors lumpy, worn or wobbly?
  10. Would it be embarrassing if neighbours saw it without its covers?

If you are answering ‘Yes’ to three or more of these questions, it might be time you paid the Sleep Gurus at Prestige Beds a visit!

Get Into Good Habits!

With our busy lives and ever evolving technology, many of us have developed bad habits when it comes to sleeping. With the winter months approaching, now is the perfect time to take a few simple steps to help you reach the land of nod quicker than ever before – and stay there!

Try these top tips from The Sleep Council:

  1. Have a warm bath just before you go to bed. This will raise your body temperature and in turn make you sleepy.
  2. Have a warm, milky drink before bed.
  3. Try to take some exercise so you can get your circulation going.
  4. Avoid using the bedroom for work, watching TV or even speaking on the phone. Save it for sleeping and sex!
  5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed.
  6. Switch all technology off two hours before bed – even your phone!


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