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Molly dancing

What have Plough Monday, Molly Dancing and Straw Bears in common?

What have Plough Monday, Molly Dancing and Straw Bears in common? I don't think that many people in the North of England would be...
Pram Racing

Oh bay what a race | Pram Racing

Over the past months I have been telling you about many different types of racing from the serious ones to the downright crazy ones...
Stone Skimming Championship

The World Stone Skimming Championships are just a stones throw away

I’m sure that most of you, at some time or another on the beach or on holiday, have picked up a handy looking pebble...

Chimney sweeps’ day off

Some of our older readers will remember the days, in the 1950s, when we used to get a lot of ‘smog’, that horrible mixture...
Rhubarb Triangle

Have you ever heard of the Rhubarb Triangle?

Well, let me assure you that it's nothing to do with other famous triangle (the Bermuda Triangle, which is where ships and planes are...
worm charming

Worm Charming

Did you know that there are many different types and species of worms? Most people only know of only one or two types such...
Hobby Horse

Horses Go Nuts in May

by Ron Bolton If you go down to the South West corner of England in the counties of Devon and Cornwall during the month of...

WIN A Peanut Butter Hamper Worth £100

WIN A Peanut Butter Hamper Worth £100 Spruce up your morning toast with a hamper of ManiLife’s award-winning peanut butters. Made on a family-run farm...