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George is a practicing registered dog psychologist. His work involves training people to understand dogs better. Living on a farm in Yorkshire with his wife Susan and present pack of dogs, George has kept, bred, and trained dogs since early childhood.
Leaving a dog at home

Problems leaving a dog at home alone? Here’s the solution

I am inundated with people who have dogs that are stressed when left even for short periods. This really is a major problem for...
Tea Cup Yorkie

A Tea Cup Yorkie consultation left the psychologist stuck for words...

I meet many different types of owner/handlers. Whether they are doing everything right or wrong, the majority are well meaning. Most people when having behavioural...
Dog Psychologist

Travelling with Your Dog | Dog Psychologist

Problems in the Car Many dogs I go to see in a professional capacity have ‘phobias’ of one sort or another; quite a few have...
boxer dog

Pensioners, Pups and Picking Up | Dog Psychology

George Barrett of Dalesman Dog Psychology writes about dog training My 65th birthday has now come and gone and I am now officially a ‘Pensionaire.’...

Dangerous Dogs? No it’s the owners | Dog Psychology

George Barrett of Dalesman Dog Psychology shares his views of a common misunderstanding. There have been many media sensationalised stories of late in national newspapers...

Possession and Obsession | Dog Psychology

George Barrett of Dalesman Dog Psychology writes about dog training I have been inviting readers to send in problems associated with their dogs and a...
dog man

Does a Dog Read Your Emotions? | Dog Psychology

There has been much media interest lately in an Austrian survey which suggested dogs could read the facial expressions on the owner’s face. The survey...

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