April Fool’s Day: The UK’s Biggest Pranksters Mapped


It’s April Fool’s Day, and like every year, many of us await the date with trepidation. With this in mind, OnBuy.com sought to find the most popular pranks per city to crown the UK’s biggest pranksters.

By analysing Google search volumes from the past three years for a variety of keywords related to pranks, OnBuy.com discovered which UK cities are the biggest jokers, their preferred pranks, and who is most likely to be their victims.

Which city has the UK’s biggest pranksters?

Bolton is crowned the home of the biggest pranksters in the UK. People from the largest town in Greater Manchester have a reason to be wary with an average of 13.84 related searches per 1,000 residents made every April Fool’s Day.

Known for their great sense of humour, it seems that Scots also enjoy a good joke on April Fool’s Day: Glaswegians are the second biggest pranksters in the UK with 10.95 average related searches per 1,000 residents.

The Northern Irishare also active participants in April Fool’s Day mischief, making the top 3 of the pranksters list. On average, 10.49 searches are made per 1,000 Belfast residents in the city on the big day.

Bournemouth claims fourth place with 9.96 average searches per 1,000 people, followed close behind in fifth place by Newcastle upon Tyne (9.90). Residents from Newcastle should expect to be fooled by fake spiders, with searches for this particular prank (10.6) being the highest of all UK cities.


Completing the top 10 biggest pranksters in the UK are:

6th place – Liverpool – 9.75 searches per 1,000

7th place – Manchester – 9.72 searches per 1,000

8th place – Aberdeen – 9.52 searches per 1,000

9th place – Birmingham – 8.88 searches per 1,000

Joint 10th place – Reading and Edinburgh – 8.85 searches per 1,000

When it comes to the type of pranks, some cities have their favourites. The cities that came up more than once on the top of type of pranks are:

Reading – Work, food and Instagram pranks

Although working from home, people from Reading are most likely to be fooled by their co-workers, with work-related pranks being searched for an average of 13.1 times per 1,000 population on April Fool’s Day. Relatives and boyfriendsshould also expect to receive food-related pranks (13.1)in the UK. Social media fans are also on the list, as pranks on Instagram was one of the most searched by the city residents (13.1).

Bournemouth – Facebook and fake poop

Bournemouth residents should be careful when leaving their Facebook open, as they are the most likely to fall victim to pranks on Facebook in the UK with 15.1 searches per 1,000 population on April Fool’s Day. Some might call it childish, but the classic fake poop pranks are also on the list of the sneaky jokers of the seaside town. (30.2).

Aberdeen – Snake and toilet paper pranks

If you fear snakes, itbetter not to be in Aberdeen as the city has the highest search volumes for fake snake pranks in the UK on April Fool’s (15). Boyfriends (15 searches for ‘boyfriend pranks’ per 1,000 population on April Fool’s Day) are the most likely to be pranked. Creative pranksters from the city are also invested in making some toilet paper pranks (29.9).



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