Langdale Pikes in the snow- Anthony W Hill from across Windermere - Anthony W Hill

A closer look at the art of Anthony Wakefield Hill

by Northern Life

Anthony W Hill

Anthony W Hill

Anthony Wakefield Hill is an artist who employs the ‘fractured technique’ in his work; this technique is related to the impressionist technique of the ninteenth century, featuring broken lines, broken colour and broken brush strokes. The artists style is also spontaneous and fresh, following the fast and loose method.

The ‘fractured technique’ lends such paintings dyanamism and drama along with the essential tension arriving between the broken lines, colour etc, it’s total effect being one of vitality. Hill’s paintings recieve a mixed reaction; for some, they are too modern, for others they are too traditional, falling, as they do, between the two extremes. They therefore require a mature and moderate outlook on the part of the observer.

The paintings are in mixed media, meaning ink and watercolour, and ink, watercolour and pastel.

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In addition to his occupation as an artist, Anthony Wakefield Hill is the author of eighteen books, including an autobiography. Hill’s writings reflect a psychological yet philosophical effect. One book, ‘ The Knowledge of Everything: According to the Voice of Silence’ reflects on Hills captivating journey through mankind, basing his work through personal experience and how an individual can master themselves through art, religion, science and philosophy.

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