Andrew Whitham Photography

The stunning photography of Andrew Whitham

by Northern Life

At the end of a week working in a factory, Andrew Whitham loved to get away for the peace and quiet of fishing.

He’d also take a camera with him to snap pictures of the countryside where he fished, and that led to a consuming passion for photography.

These days, instead of sitting on the riverbank waiting for a bite, he’ll patiently wait for the right weather and light to record some of the country’s most spectacular and atmospheric landscapes.

Andrew (45) lives at Utley, near Keighley, with wife Rachel and sons Oliver (9) and Joe (13) and during the week he’s a wire worker at Bethel Rhodes, Keighley.

“I used to go fishing quite a lot, then later when the children came along and I used to go out walking with my eldest lad. When you’re out and about you see lots of things worth photographing.

“I started taking a simple point-and-click camera with me when I went fishing, but I didn’t really understand the whole photography thing. I’d just set the camera to automatic and shoot.

“Then I moved on to an SLR film camera, and I’ve been digital for a while. I like being able to see the results straight away without having to wait. My current camera is a Nikon D800.”

Andrew loves photographing landscapes in the Yorkshire Dales, and has also gone on photographic expeditions to the Lake District, Peak District, Scotland and the East Coast from Northumberland to Spurn Point. Sometimes he’ll go with a friend but usually he’s on his own.

Andrew says: “It takes a lot of patience waiting for the right weather conditions and the light I want. The last time I went to the Isle of Skye I only took 20 shots in three days. There’s no point firing off a lot of shots if they’re going to be rubbish.”

Andrew’s work is going on display at the Alec Pearson Gallery at Northern Life, Sun Street, Colne, during February and March. You can also view and purchase his photographs via or call 01282 861982.