poetry almost there

Almost There | Poetry

by Northern Life

By Val Heeley, Dewsbury

How I long for the sun’s warm rays
Say goodbye, to the long dark days
The fog, the frost and snow
Don’t they know it’s time to go?
As the flowers sway gently in the breeze
Like myself, they have no desire to freeze
The birds they sing and twitter
An easterly wind, can be oh so bitter
The daylight ekes out into the night
Could it be that summer is in sight?
Was that a wasp or was it a bee
Is that a break in the clouds I see?
The trees are heavy with blossom bursting forth
Still the wind blows in from the north
Yet, I wait, but in vain
Oh, look here comes the rain
The earth is moist covered in dew
Up in the sky a tinge of blue
As dark clouds roll away everywhere is fair
Now I know we are almost there.