A Wartime Family by Lizzie Lane
Ebury Press, paperback, £5.99

The devastation of the Blitz on city homes during the Second World War and the tumultuous effects on families is endearingly exposed in this story of a family trying to overcome their many troubles.

Lizzie Lane, herself the eldest of three siblings all born before her parents married, has drawn on her mother’s stories to fashion an enthralling drama.

Mary Anne Randall is condemned by neighbours after leaving her abusive husband and falling in love with a German who is working for the British, and her second chance of happiness is at risk as the house she is living in is bombed. Her family are all embroiled in their own lives seeking to find happiness as they face the trauma of daily life.

The problems of accommodation, being under orders, and the old-fashioned vision of marriage, divorce and unmarried mums are all under the microscope in this drama which is more than simply one families’ fight for existence but a microcosm of life in such turbulent times.


Smooth writing, a compelling series of mini-plots all make this a fascinating novel by an author with a pedigree of getting it right.



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